Consciousness The Awakening The Awakeness


Dare to Be Present Service with ~ de Vie

Consciousness The Awakening The Awakeness Breathing in, you breathe in the entire cosmos. Breathing out, you release the entire cosmos. In this breath all the stars are created, In this breath all the stars are released into the unknown, Beyond the confines and limits of self. Consciousness, The Continue Reading →

The Infinite Heart

Radiating Heart, © 2012 de Vie weinstock

The Infinite Heart In this infinite space of the infinite heart I am and am not This Consciousness illuminating all without discrimination This indiscriminate implicit invitation to Being: Who can stand here in this empty consciousness, Who can dance here in this empty consciousness? Ropes will not tie Continue Reading →

Come Home to Consciousness

Dare to Be Present rose - the flowering of consciousness

Consciousness is God. Consciousness is Unconditional Love. Consciousness is The One. Consciousness is Devotion. Consciousness is The Light. Consciousness is True Love. To re-unite with Consciousness, the mysterious illumination at the core of all-that-is, is to come home. To contemplate this mystery is to stand in awe of Continue Reading →