What is right now?

Dare to Be Present® card; sessions with de Vie

Right now is the most important moment of your life.

Why? Because it is the only one you actually have. It is the only one that is actually real. This moment right now. This one. This moment is the only reality there is.

Dare to Be Present® is both exactly what it says – dare to be here now – and it is also a service provided to you, serving your ability to be in the eternal now in all of your life; serving your ability to be with your self – your self that always shows up, your self that is unavoidable; serving your ability to own the Consciousness that is your truest self. In presence, Dare to Be Present sessions support you to know yourself, to be at peace with yourself, to be able to live fully in the eternal now – the only reality there is.

DARE TO BE PRESENT® – Your own Consciousness transforms yourself and the world. Conscious Presence is the invitation to you. In our meeting in the compassionate space of conscious presence, I bear witness to your own unfolding as The Vital Love that is Your True Being. From my own awakeness, I walk with you through whatever may arise that appears in the path of your own Full Awakeness Now. Let us meet to empower your consciousness. I look forward to meeting with you.

…1-hr Dare to Be Present sessions with de Vie — empowering your consciousness & vital presence, and supporting your Full Awakening & Awakeness in This Eternal Now. Available everywhere

Just a few of the many rave reviews from participants:

“I feel liberated!!!” – Michelle LaPenai

“I have nothing but praise for de Vie and her extraordinary presence.” – Daniel Scranton, channel/sound healer

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about my sessions with de Vie. She has become a gift in my life as a spiritual guide and reminds me how important and miraculous life really is. de Vie has a wonderful presence & gift to share. I think you would benefit from meeting with her and I highly recommend her Dare to Be Present work.” – Sally Landry McNaughton, graphic designer

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