de Vie’s Calling

From Harvard Practice Rooms to the Calling of Dare to Be Present®

I was aware of how much suffering there is, with the tragedies that happen in this world. I went through a process of a number of years of really asking myself: what can I give to this world that’s going to help? What is the greatest offering I have for people in response to what they go through? What I came to is what is called “Dare to Be Present.” In its essence, it is the only thing that’s really real, in that: we only have this moment. Anything else is imagination. We can imagine the future, and yes there’s a future, but the only thing we actually know is what is right now. The Dare to Be Present calling I found is to support people in knowing reality beyond the mind, beyond the projections, beyond what we imagine the world to be… to actually finding out what it really is: which starts with your consciousness in this moment.

Hear this brief spontaneous talk for more of de Vie’s story:

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