The Infinite Heart

The Infinite Heart

In this infinite space of the infinite heart
I am and am not
This Consciousness illuminating all without discrimination

This indiscriminate implicit invitation to Being:
Who can stand here in this empty consciousness,
Who can dance here in this empty consciousness?
Ropes will not tie it down,
Thoughts will not tie it down,
Feelings will not tie it down. The plane
Of empty consciousness, the great void that is not void
The great emptiness that is not empty
The great silence that is not silent…

Only One can remain here (not two)
And the One has no name except One.
I have heard nothing of this place for nothing can be said
No one has sought it since it cannot be sought
Always out of reach for it cannot be grasped!
The only true love, which immediately
Flings off any labels of love or not-love

Who is here? I am
Who dances here? The One
Who belongs here? No one and all
This is what All crumbles too! Neither rejoicing nor disdaining,
Infinite light & space of the unsought empty Consciousness.

© 2012 de Vie

“radiating heart" image - de Vie

“radiating heart,” (c) 2002 de Vie. Available original art – contact de Vie if interested.

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