You are Life itself

Illuminated Mystery,

You are beyond the constant fighting of this world,
You are beyond the division that stifles,
You are beyond the destruction that mankind reaps upon itself,
You are beyond the blind beliefs that people hold onto for dear life,
Illumined Mystery,
You are Life itself,
You are Consciousness itself,
You are, forever, The Light in all things, upon all things,
You are deathless and thus have conquered death,
You are knower beyond knowing.
You have also been called Love,
Not petty love that comes and goes,
Not love that forms bonds to be broken,
Not love made of treacherous syrup,
But Love that is undivided,
Love that is undifferentiated,
Love that is the lowest and the highest, at once.
Illumined Mystery,
How can they possibly recognize you
When they are trapped like rats in the cages of their minds
Running on hamster wheels to the beat of an imaginary drum
Busy killing the unity that they fear threatens them?
Illumined Mystery,
You don’t need these words
But I’ve been bearing witness to the corrosive division that infects the minds of men
And moved to offer this out to the knowing beyond the known
That lives in You as undivided Consciousness
In this ocean of Being.

~ de Vie
Dare to Be Present®

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