that love within you

these words are never it but i give them to you anyway
like chicken scratch upon the surface of an endless lake
i don’t know why humanity has cultivated such calamity
but i do know the answer, or an answer:
that peace within you
go to the peace within you
that love within you
go to that love within you
consciousness dances infinitely
consciousness is total freedom
let me say it again:
consciousness is total freedom
consciousness is what is always holding you
the limitless mother, the limitless lover, the limitless light
even in sleep it is there, a light, a light
really there is no world…
there is just The Present and your dance within it
i love you because i know your essence & your essence is love

Dare to Be Present for you ARE presence

~ de Vie

Santa Monica flowers reminding you of the love you are. Dare to Be Present ~

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