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Public Speaking is currently one of the Dare to Be Present® services that I provide. These talks can include topics such as: reality, truth, essential education, the value of mindfulness, meditation, consciousness, the practice of presence, creativity, the innate creativity of all of existence, true sanity, death and its significance, our essential interconnectedness with our environment, conscious breathing, going beyond the mind, the map of the inner landscape, right relationship with thoughts, how to deal with feelings, embodiment, creativity as a path to freedom, waking up, becoming whole in a world of fragmentation, being here now, coming to our senses, beliefs, living with the unknown, exploring the inner realm, and spontaneous responses to questions people may have.
The former Mayor of Ojai (Severo Lara) recommends my Public Speaking as follows:
“de Vie knows how to deliver a powerful and motivating message. She has the ability to explain controversial issues by keeping a neutral view and presenting simple and practical solutions.”
Feel free to be in touch if you have any questions or inquiries.
~ de Vie
Dare to Be Present

Fleur de Vie Weinstock
For some brief videos of some previous talks:

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