Uncover Mental Peace: Sept. 13th, California

…….overwhelmed by thoughts?
~ Uncover Mental Peace ~
Dare to Be Present® workshop with de Vie

Why come to this:
We’re in a world riddled with mental havoc. Chronic psychological stress can lead to serious physical illness. People are overwhelmed not only by their own thoughts but also by information overload. It is crucial to uncover mental peace, which can have profound benefits for your well-being and peace with yourself.

What’s involved:
This 2-hr workshop encourages your participation through sharing, introspection, & guided meditation. There will be a talk followed by dialogue, leading to specific invitations into presence and the direct experience of mental peace in the moment. By the end you will be able to take away a taste of what is possible and practical methods for you to use on your own. Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring any questions or insights about your own mental peace, and pen & paper in case you’d like to take a few notes for your future.

About de Vie:
de Vie Weinstock is passionate about bringing the Dare to Be Present® service to the world. Since entering into a state of continuous meditation 20 years ago, she has lived beyond the confines of thought-identification. Her degree is from Harvard University and she is self-taught in mastering the inner realm. With knowledgeable compassionate guidance & insight, Dare to Be Present supports your unique journey of awakening so that you can enjoy the gifts of the present.

From a pleased participant: “de Vie’s sessions are wonderful and very helpful. I’ve learned some easy & useful techniques for peace of mind.” – R.M.

September 13th, Sunday, 4-6pm
Bryant Street Gym, 406-Q Bryant Circle, Ojai California

If you do facebook, please RSVP at the “Uncover Mental Peace” facebook Event listing so you can receive relevant updates.

For questions, or for private Dare to Be Present® sessions:
contact de Vie here, & voicemail/text
(520) 955-9222
Dare to Be Present workshop with de Vie

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