The Great Ocean of Aliveness holds what You want

Liberation involves the dissolving of personhood. There is a release of all labels, and all ambition. For liberation is the completion. Although many would like to believe they want liberation, to really “have” it is an ending of self. There is Self… as Conscious Being… but no longer the small self that identifies. There is instead just the Self existing, dancing, breathing, being alive, sensing. And that is all. There is nothing more than that, but that includes the entire universe. That Aliveness pulses, moves, changes, and remains.

So, people can come up to the door of liberation and say put their toe in and see its vast expanse and then go back to their small selves. Maybe they take something back with them, but they have not plunged into the ocean. There are things (“attachments”) holding them back from plunging into the ocean of liberation. Of primary importance is their attachment to other people. The Great Ocean of Aliveness certainly does not exclude people, it includes them, but there is no attachment, no need to fit in, no need to conform, no need to ensure psychological belonging, et cetera. So that need – that need to fit in, to be accepted by others, to be part of a group, etc. – stops many from entering into The Ocean of Liberation.

Yet in The Great Ocean of Aliveness.. that is what actually holds what everyone really wants. Thus a conflict is set up within the person. They want what The Ocean holds… but they don’t want to let go into it. So they are in conflict. So they try to bottle parts of The Ocean, but those bottles of it are not the immense expanse of The Great Ocean of Aliveness. They get to have moments of it, moments in it… but those moments are not The Eternity which The Ocean of Aliveness holds. How to resolve that conflict? Some will try to resolve it by denying that The Great Ocean of Energetic Aliveness exists (false). Some will try to confine it (impossible). And… some will plunge in.

I plunged in… because I wanted to.

I can’t ask you to do that same impossible thing. Either you have already, and we can play in this ocean, or, you haven’t, but you want to. I can’t make you want to. And if you want, yes I can help you have “bottles” of it… small meaningful doses of That Great Expanse. There is utility in those small doses; helpfulness, medicine. Or I can tell you more of The Great Ocean of Limitless Aliveness. And if you want to dive in, I will be here. And if you are here… Thank you.

In presence & compassion,
– de Vie

The Great Ocean of Aliveness holds what You want.

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