Why dare to be present?

Why Be Present?
Why dare to be present?

While there are many reasons to make the subtle effort to be present, not the least of which is the scientifically validated health benefits, one of the most significant motivations is the unalterable fact that every body dies, and, in general, we don’t know when that occasion will be. Therefore, this moment, this now, this present, through which your life is lived, is not something that you have forever. If we are not aware of it, we have not looked into it, we have not tasted it. We do not have that opportunity forever. Life is what is happening now: and the future is never totally certain.

There are many ways to do the practice of presence: to enter the moment. The Dare to Be Present service provides customized personalized ways suited to where you are at, what your ability is, and what your time (or perception of time) allows. Feel free to be in touch if you’d like to connect about how to dive more fully into the present: which is: the gift: what has been given to us.

~ de Vie

de Vie, Consciousness Catalyst for Dare to Be Present


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