Overview: the essence of Dare to Be Present®

I am so glad to be here with you in Presence.

Through the miracle of Life (and technology), we meet in a sense even now.

To Dare to Be Present is to dare to be awake. That state is referred to as consciousness, presence, being, mindfulness, awareness, and awakeness. Some have also recognized complete awakeness as the signature of the holy grail of enlightenment. But the Dare to Be Present work is not a far-off goal to attain through rigorous years of discipline. To dare to be present is to dare to be fully awake to who you are now, in this moment… in this moment… in this moment… and the next.

What is awakeness? Awakeness means that you are conscious. It means that you are present to your own being. It means that you are sensing whatever you are sensing. It means you are aware of whatever it is you are aware of. It means that you know you are experiencing whatever you are experiencing. Awakeness is true knowing. Not intellectual knowing or book-learning, but the experiential knowing of “being here now” and knowing you are alive, embodied, in flux, aware, sensing, conscious, present. Being awake means knowing you are awake, not as a thought but as a lived reality.

This is not a passive process. Life moves. Movement and change are the signature of Life. When you are awake to your own self and life, you are also awake to your ability to change, to move, to grow, to evolve. This movement is not separate from Being.

The signature of Dare to Be Present is of course to be here now, as it is and as you are, and see how Life wants to move. The movement of your life can only happen in This Eternal Moment. I have shown up in your Life’s path to support your Consciousness. Dare to Be Present is necessarily a spontaneous and intuitive process, responding with sensitivity to whatever you bring to our time together. Dare to Be Present means dare to show up fully.

Entering into Presence Here Now, into this path of the river of Life, Your Life is distinct to you. You are an unrepeatable individual with a unique flow of consciousness. Therefore, Dare to Be Present is not a system or a formula. It is not here to fit you into a mold or put you into a box. This service honors your intrinsic uniqueness while pointing to the universal principle of consciousness & awareness that is your strongest and truest core. Dare to Be Present supports your aliveness, your spontaneity, and your freedom as it manifests in the time & space that we choose to share, and throughout your existence.

the sky of the mind - Dare to Be Present - de Vie

The purposeful engagement of mindfulness, awareness, and various forms of meditation have been demonstrated to profoundly affect a person’s body and mind. For example, modern science is confirming that the wise use of your consciousness can dramatically effect physical, emotional, and mental healing – both for yourself and for others. In practical terms, every aspect of your life, no matter how apparently overwhelming, from physical to emotional to mental, is affected by your consciousness. Dare to Be Present empowers your consciousness so that you are able to meaningfully respond to whatever it is you are up against – or desiring – in your self and life situation.

Dare to Be Present supports you in your awakeness, wherever you are at with that – whether you have never recognized your own awakeness, or whether you ARE living as a fully conscious being ready to empower every aspect of your innate creative principle. You enter into the Dare to Be Present work wherever you are, and whatever your level of awakeness is, and whatever life challenges, situations, or desires may be occupying you. To be more specific, if you happen to recognize yourself anywhere along this spectrum, you enter into Dare to Be Present at whatever stage you find yourself in:

  1. If you have had no previous sense of your own awakeness… you will be guided to see how consciousness is actually intrinsic to you.
  2. If you have seen only glimpses of awakeness... we allow those initial seeds of insight to be planted and nurtured.
  3. If you know yourself to be awake at times but experience blocks or lapses… you will be lovingly supported in looking deeply into those lapses to allow your consciousness to expand.
  4. If you know yourself to be awake at all times… your consciousness will be empowered to fully own itself as it is – being moving in being, awakeness delighting in awakeness.
  5. If you are awake at all times with consciousness filling your whole being… this service supports and facilitates the healing of old or cultural limitations that may still be constricting you.
  6. As you have done transformational healing in your awakeness… this service invites you to recognize that the Creative Principle is as intrinsic to Life itself as the awareness that allows you to experience life.
  7. As you have recognized the intrinsic creative principle pervading every aspect of your state of pure awakeness… this service will support you in applying that Creative Principle in your own conscious experience of all that you are in your life.

Thus, Dare to Be Present meets you wherever you are, just as The Moment is always meeting you wherever you are. Significantly, Dare to Be Present works in harmony and collaboration with The Life Force that is always flowing. If you are suffering in some way, the Dare to Be Present work moves forward with you in acceptance, release, and liberation. If you are exalting in the miracle of life, Dare to Be Present empowers your full creative awakening in the world as we know it and beyond.

You are invited to be Fully Present in these Dare to Be Present sessions as I show up for you in Presence. This is the most fundamental form of our practice. If appropriate (and not required), during our sessions you may be given various methods, practices, or meditations to take home with you that are specifically tailored to you and your current life situation. These “tools” are created for you intuitively and spontaneously, arising in compassion and informed by my own experience and study in over twenty years of single-minded devoted practice of Consciousness & Awakeness.

To be clear, while Dare to Be Present can lead to and embrace the mystical, transcendent, and divine, it is meant to be utterly practical. The Now is always what we are up against. The Now is where we confront ourselves. The Now is where we confront the world. The Now is the only time that transformation can happen. The Now is where everything happens. If you are to be totally healed, it will happen in The Now. If you are to be liberated, it will happen in The Now. If you are to release the various physical, emotional and mental burdens you’ve been carrying, it will happen in The Now. If you are to embrace Life as a sublime adventure of miraculous proportions, that too will happen in The Now. Dare to Be Present welcomes all that you are whether you are facing physical illness, emotional heartbreak, mental chaos, the grace of letting go, full enlightenment, the openness to expand your being beyond its previous horizons… or simply inspiration and curiosity.

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