About de Vie

about Fleur de Vie of Dare to Be Presentde Vie – born “Fleur de Vie Weinstock” – has been in a constant willful state of meditation on the breath since her 18th birthday many moons ago. That phenomenally transformative day at Lake Tahoe signaled her entering into enlightenment and continuous awakeness. That condition of meditation has continued for every second of every moment of every hour of every day of every month of every year of every decade and will continue until her final breath.

In her youth, de Vie grew up in the natural setting of Hawaii, was homeschooled with her brother Rainbow until 7th grade, and went on to earn a high honors degree from Harvard University. The Dare to Be Present service came into being through an involved process of a number of years of asking, “What work can I offer that best responds to collective human suffering and to the world?” Through that rigorous effort of exploring and searching for what would be most meaningful to give you, she received the inspiration to create Dare to Be Present®

The devotion and persistence of living in constant continuous unwavering conscious-breathing for over twenty years, throughout and within all the various life circumstances that come with time, has in practice made de Vie a master of consciousness, meditation, and the mind. Not in a hermitage, ashram, or other place of isolation, this mastery has taken place in this very world itself. Her unique position of a 100% dedication to Total Presence in Every Moment, and the actual embodiment of that stance for nearly two decades, makes her fundamentally suited to supporting You in your own unique unfolding path of Awakeness & Presence through the Dare to Be Present service.

A brief spontaneous talk on how de Vie found her Dare to Be Present calling: