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◎ “de Vie knows how to deliver a powerful and motivating message. She has the ability to explain controversial issues by keeping a neutral view and presenting simple and practical solutions.” – Severo Lara, former Mayor of Ojai

◎ “I heartily recommend de Vie Weinstock for any speaking engagement.” – Carolyn Bowman

◎ “de Vie is a poised, confident, and insightful speaker who has the courage to address profound topics that we sometimes prefer be left undisturbed but, once uncovered, leave us enriched.” – William Short, Esq.

◎ “I support you. With my heart I wish that by your Dare to Be Present work a magnificent garden will bloom & fruit & bloom to an infinite magnitude. This will bring an explosion of blossoms to this reality. Get it.” – Jordan Justice, Indiana

◎ “So happy to see you are doing good healing for our world.” – Dr. Dena Baumgartner

◎ “I’m glad to see de Vie is proactive about sharing mindfulness and a true recognition of consciousness with the world.” – Kaivalya Vyas, MD


◎ “I feel liberated!!!” – Michelle LaPenai

◎ “Highly recommended. A gift wrapped in a hug wrapped in presence, awareness and care.” – Rob Cohen, film producer

◎ “I can’t say enough wonderful things about my sessions with de Vie. She has become a gift in my life as a spiritual guide and reminds me how important and miraculous life really is. de Vie has a wonderful presence & gift to share. She is a kind & compassionate soul who I connected with immediately. I think you would benefit from meeting with her and I highly recommend her Dare to Be Present work.” – Sally Landry McNaughton, graphic designer

◎ “de Vie meets you precisely where you are in your path of growth. Her ability to do so is a real-time application of the power of presence itself! With her help I easily launched into a higher level of life.” ~ Gary S., land surveying professional

◎ “Thank you de Vie, your work is so important, I really needed that touch of insight.” — Carolyn Adams, Sebastopol

◎ “Thanks so much!!! Wow, you are incredible.” – Robert, Ojai

◎ “The Dare to Be Present sessions are wonderful and very helpful. I’ve learned some easy and useful techniques for peace of mind. Thank you de Vie for sharing your knowledge.” – Rosclely Molina, massage therapist

◎ “Thank you for the session today — it was a great help!” – Chloe Kerman, London

◎ “I like that de Vie is passionate about being present. She is a very kind and good listener, facilitating direct in-the-moment experiencing. de Vie is supporting her clients’ ability to allow and identify whatever emotions, sensations and thoughts are arising, and contributing to their own capacity to witness with love.” – Debra London, MD, psychiatrist

◎ “I attended an awareness session with de Vie and was struck by the simplicity and openness of her approach. I felt a strong sense of truth in her methods. She assisted me in expressing some feelings that were difficult for me to express in the mainstream world, and she was able to support me by utilizing her communication skills and guiding me in meditation. She helped me to see that I am not always the problem in difficult circumstances, and this was something that I needed to hear at that time. I would recommend that anyone interested get a Dare to Be Present session for an alternative viewpoint and open space for self-expression.” – Astrid L.

◎ “de Vie has shared her way to connect with the inner source… that was very inspirational. Thank you de Vie.” Kristina, Czech Republic

◎ “de Vie is such a wise magical being. I am so thankful to have met her. Her Dare to Be Present sessions are quite lovely. I was able to talk freely and meditate as well. It’s quite the experience. I believe anyone trying to figure things out or just get present should join de Vie in one of her sessions.” – mayaluma, Ventura

◎ “I had a Dare to Be Present session with de Vie on the issue of money. Through her inquiry I was able to see a different perspective on my ‘issues’ with money. It was good to be on the receiving end of her guidance.” – Dr. Fatah Evans, chiropractor

◎ “Sitting with de Vie, I felt her sincerely earnest in her hopes to clear up the confusion around the non-dual experience of being and living. I think she has the capacity to really lend a hand in the journey for some of us… ” – A.Z.

◎ “Thank you so much de Vie for your offering… I felt and feel supported in my remembering. I appreciate the presence that you offer and for the pieces of myself that you help me to look into.” – Jodi Coyote

◎ “I loved my session with de Vie! I have nothing but praise for her and her extraordinary presence. Her openness and willingness to dive deep into my core led me to some surprising and enlightening realizations about myself and how I was getting in my own way. de Vie created a space for me to feel comfortable about revealing that which was buried deep inside of me, and her loving responses have helped me find my way.” – Daniel Scranton, channel/sound healer, Hawaii

◎ “In my session with de Vie, she gave me valuable tools for self-awareness that are very practical for my life. I am always looking for ways to implement mindful practices in a way that weaves through my daily experience, and this lady gave me some great tools that both challenged me in the best of ways and offered new insight into myself. Thank you thank you thank you.” – Casey Shaw, yoga instructor

◎ “As a beginner to meditation, I found the Dare to Be Present session very useful. de Vie is very knowledgable and patiently answered all of my questions. Her guided meditation was very focused and I enjoyed it immensely.” – J.W., Tucson Arizona

◎ “Dare to be in the eternal now along with de Vie, in the complete state of actuality where everything is observed without any effort. Dare to Be Present is facilitated by de Vie with the purpose of seeing what is going on – what is it that creates our anxiety, fears, doubts, conflicts and so on. Dare to Be Present is for those who dare to see, to open their eyes to the essence of freedom, the freedom that allows us to see the truth, the ‘what is.’ Being conscious is not possible when you are not present: Dare to Be Present and live the joy of discovering who you are NOW!!!” – William O’Farrill, intern student, Krishnamurti Foundation of America

◎ “Thanks again SO much, de Vie, for the session you shared with me. I am very grateful for it and the awareness you helped bring to the matters therein.” – Anonymity Requested, Santa Barbara

◎ “de Vie, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our sessions. They meant a lot to me. I feel that they have helped me so much. My gratitude for love & life is overflowing. Meditation has become a part of my daily life. I sincerely value our time together and the work that we’ve accomplished. I’m sure there was a divine presence bringing you into my life during this time.” – S.M.

◎ “Being fully aware and present is probably the most important work. It’s encouraging to see de Vie bring that understanding and passion to her Dare to Be Present service.” – John Azevedo

mandala, circles, spirals, colors, colored pencil

“True Order” – original moment-based art by de Vie, (c) 2008 – available for acquiring.