Examples of what Dare to Be Present may address & provide

Here are some examples of various personal situations, identifications, or wishes that you might relate with that may be addressed in the Dare to Be Present work; as well as what the Dare to Be Present experience may facilitate, provide, and give. Since Consciousness touches EVERY aspect of your existence, it is impossible to list all that Dare to Be Present can deal with and make available. If you have a question about anything not listed here, simply > contact de Vie < to find out if the Dare to Be Present service can be beneficial for your particular conditions, hopes, and desires.

The Dare to Be Present service can address such conditions as:

  • you want to be real and authentic
  • you want to know what is really true and what really is reality
  • emotional and/or mental instability
  • spiritual emergencies
  • the seeking of enlightenment
  • you want to learn to meditate
  • you want to meditate but don’t feel you have the time to, or don’t feel you are able to for whatever reason
  • any challenges, problems, struggles, or dis-ease of a personal, psychological, emotional, or spiritual nature
  • such as:     – stress     – insecurity     – insomnia     – insensitivity     – boredom     – anxiety     – confusion     – self-hatred     – lost in your thoughts     – issues with food or body image     – addiction to work     – feeling stuck     – feeling ungrounded or not centered     – out of touch with yourself     – out of touch with your feelings & emotions     – unable to be alone with yourself

The Dare to Be Present service can facilitate:

  • examining & releasing limiting beliefs
  • the expansion of your intelligence
  • how to deal with the “monkey mind” or mental chaos & overwhelm
  • how to use the mind as a tool instead of being a slave to it
  • how to respond to physical ailments
  • integration of, and peace with, your shadow side
  • your healing, transformation, evolution, and empowerment
  • uncovering who you really are
  • knowing your true self
  • peace with yourself
  • being able to trust yourself
  • being able to be alone with yourself
  • being vitally & viscerally ALIVE
  • greater receptivity
  • greater authenticity
  • greater mental clarity
  • greater ability to relax
  • greater self-awareness
  • greater self-acceptance
  • learning how to breathe
  • greater self-understanding
  • greater capacity for pleasure
  • greater freedom of expression
  • improved relationship with body
  • greater access to innate creativity
  • greater access to your whole brain
  • right-relationship with Nature & Earth
  • greater appreciation of the miracle of Life
  • better sense of what is truly important to you
  • improved ability for concentration and focus
  • greater emotional stability and peace of mind
  • greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being
  • greater understanding of how to deal with emotions and thoughts
  • being able to be more present and loving with yourself and those you love
  • dropping into being and presence
  • how to “be here now” and live in the moment in your own way
  • getting in deeper touch with the reality that is beyond the decay of the past and the uncertainty of the future
  • freedom
  • inner empowerment
  • unlocking the miraculous key of your own consciousness
  • the opening of new possibilities in your mind, self, and being
  • inner security regardless of personal or external circumstance
  • dwelling in the realms of awe, wonderment, serenity, and grace

The Dare to Be Present service can provide, if appropriate:

  • meditation guidance, and many various forms of meditation
  • highly accessible tailor-made techniques specifically suited to the individual’s particular life circumstances and wishes
  • customized methods for the individual to use to respond to any personal challenges or desires in whatever realm

The Dare to Be Present service gives:

  • loving compassionate attentive presence, listening, & support from someone who is firmly established in Presence & Awakeness
  • the empowerment of your consciousness and the invitation to more fully know The Love & Freedom that you are in essence

Thank you for being here in This Now. Simply by receiving this you have already entered into the stream of Dare to Be Present. > Contact de Vie < for any inquiries or if you’re interested in a free introductory call to see how the Dare to Be Present service can support you.

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