Dare to Be Present Meeting! via Earthwalk, April 20th

What does it mean to be fully present?
~an introduction into the infinite~

In a culture stressfully bent on always rushing toward the future, what does it mean to “be here now”? What does it mean to be present, when the present is all we truly have anyway? Some people think that presence means trying to get rid of worrying about the future, but those thoughts & emotions occur in the present also. Through this meeting we have the opportunity to question, explore, and experience this precious gift of conscious presence that is always inviting us in.

This group Dare to Be Present meeting will begin & end with short guided meditations into embodied awareness, opening space for a facilitated conversational dialogue of inquiry for our group into the experience of presence. If appropriate, you will take with you from the meeting liberation practices that you can utilize in your future. This meeting will also provide an introduction to the Dare to Be Present evolutionary process. Your whole self is welcome, as well as any questions you may have.

Dare to Be Present® is a compassionate process of empowerment that supports your full awakening and liberated creativity. Aiding you in being able to come home to yourself in The Now, it also nurtures the seeds for a new culture in which we are able to be… truly free, on this beautiful planet.

A Dare to Be Present participant shares: ​”I’ve never met someone more connected to the Present than de Vie. Her approach to the self is a comforting blend of science and spirituality. I recommend de Vie highly to anyone in search of presence of mind.” ​ – K.C.

de Vie has been in a constant state of devotional meditation for over 20 years. She is passionate about Consciousness and awakening the collective potential of humanity in harmony with Earth. More about de Vie is at DareToBePresent.com/de-Vie.

Private sessions also available, worldwide — please inquire with de Vie.

Dare to Be Present Earthwalk April 2017 with de Vie Ojai California____________________________________________________________
Dare to Be Present® meeting with de Vie, sponsored by Earthwalk
Thursday April 20th, 2017, 6:30pm-8pm
115 N Donna St, Oak View in the Ojai Valley
Suggestion Donation $10 (no one denied due to lack of funds)

Due to limited space, please RSVP at the FB event page, or if you don’t do FB, by text at 520-955-9222. Ventura, Santa Barbara, & Los Angeles are all doable distances for joining us.

Dare to Be Present group meeting with de Vie, sponsored by Earthwalk, April 20th, Ojai Valley, California

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