Is it possible to be Complete RIGHT NOW, not in the imagined future?

If you look at Your Past, how much time have you spent waiting — or working — for a better future?
And still, the only place you ever find yourself is Now…
Some outer circumstances may change… Yet the Core Being remains, because it must.

Is it possible for that striving (the striving for the imagined future) to end NOW?
Even if with all The Reasons to strive for.
Even with all the Just Causes To Strive For.
Even with the pull of love or longing.
Even with all of that…
The Core Being keeps on remaining… no matter the peripheral changes.
The Core Being… what you are when you don’t try, when you haven’t necessarily succeeded at anything, when you haven’t accomplished anything, when you haven’t attained anything…
The Core Being in its Utter Is-ness, Silent yet able, silent yet somehow dancing…

It must be that everything in The Past led to This Moment, as it is.
Even with all of its dirt.
Even with all that is unresolved.
With its complete aliveness, its naked aliveness, unquenched, relentless.


Awareness, de Vie

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