Presence Invitation: Dec. 7th at Compassionate Ojai

de Vie of Dare to Be Present® will give a presentation at the Dec. 7th Compassionate Ojai meeting. She will share how a process of presence can help with understanding the mind and reclaiming mental peace. There will then be a short guided meditation, space for questions, and an opening into dialogue.

Dare to Be Present is a process of empowerment which supports individuals in coming to know truth for themselves, beyond the dogmas of a broken society. Inquiry is encouraged, and in the context of this meeting, asking bold questions — such as “what is mental health?” — is invited.

de Vie has dedicated all of her adult life to meditation, which has opened doors of understanding into the nature of the mind and how we can come to terms with it. Through her Dare to Be Present service she guides people to a greater sense of peace with themselves. Her creative customized mindfulness methods have helped people to conquer stress, overcome debilitating anxiety, and further their journey of self-knowing.

A client writes, ”Dare to Be Present is wonderful & very helpful. I’ve learned some easy & useful techniques for peace of mind. Thank you de Vie for sharing your knowledge.” – R.M.

The Compassionate Ojai group hosting this meeting champions a kinder, gentler approach to those who suffer with mental issues and offers support for families who struggle to find solutions.

The meeting is free and all are welcome — additional details are at the FB event invite. If you have questions, contact de Vie.

Dare to Be Present® at Compassionate Ojai, December 7th

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