The nature of the Mind

The nature of the Mind is that it can codify anything. This is its gift and also its trap.
It can codify enlightenment, it can codify love, light & bliss, it can even codify being & presence.
It puts a label on everything. It organizes it. It says it knows it. This is its gift and its trap.
The trap is that people get hopelessly lost in it and think the label IS the thing. But the label is NEVER the thing.
We must shake free from that falsehood. Those who are involved with new-age beliefs, the yoga movement, spiritual practices, and other forms meant to imply “waking up” need be especially wary of how the Mind can codify ANYTHING and that even all of those can be yet another trap, constraining belief system, or dogma keeping One away from the Truth, hooked into yet another mental matrix divorced from the freshness of ever-present reality.
The Truth is always present, stark naked, rigorously honest, and completely free.
There is no entry point. The only entry point is whatever Your Mind needs to recognize it is not itself. For You Are Consciousness.

Dare to Be Present.
In Ojai CA and everywhere in the world via private sessions.

In relentless devotion to the brilliant truth that is always now,
de Vie

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