The BEING which is always NOW

“There is neither evolution nor destiny; only being.” – Einstein

Our society puts SOOOOO much emphasis and value on DOING. Even in the so-called spiritual/conscious/awakened circles – those who declare themselves to be spiritual, awakened, and living conscious lives – there is still Great Emphasis on Doing & Becoming. In fact, it is a prevalent marketing technique. “If you buy this, you will BECOME, you will TRANSFORM, you will ACHIEVE, you will GET.” (Not direct quote.) More doing, more achieving. And all the while, the BEING is sitting there, here, waiting, waiting, waiting. The BEING – which is always NOW – wants to be recognized, wants to be experienced. And that BEING has NOTHING to do with accomplishing, arriving, reaching, attaining, etc., etc., whether it is the traditional values of external success – getting more money, a beautiful wife, a big house, social status, etc. – or the spiritual values – getting transformation, saving the world, becoming enlightened – or, the external success couched in the language and methods of the spiritual – wealth through conscious intention, the best sex of your life acquired through inner transformational work, the woman of your dreams through visualization practices. Still getting, getting, getting, doing, doing, doing. And, what about the BEING, so long neglected, so long ignored, so long deemed Not Good Enough, so long covered up by all the doing, in whatever realm? What about YOUR Being? Your Being that is still here now, because it can only ever be Here Now. Your Being which is perfectly imperfect, which does not need any particular conditions in order to Just Be, which is simply just waiting for You to arrive… in You. Your Being is waiting for You to Arrive in You. Not because you’re “good enough,” not because you’re enlightened enough, not because you’ve served others enough, not because you’re wealthy enough, not because you’ve worked hard enough, not because you’re popular enough, but simply because YOU ARE. YOU ARE. End of story – beginning of story.

When I offer my Dare to Be Present® service to you I’m doing something rather radical. Although Presence can heal you, although Presence gives you the wealth of the universe, although Presence is a way to greater enjoyment, although Presence is the only way to be with your beloved, although Presence is the only way to enlightenment, although Presence CAN do all sorts of things for you, and DOES open all sorts of doors, it is, fundamentally, radically, only HERE NOW. That is its power, its pulse, its radical aliveness. Do you want to come home to yourself? Do you? I want you to come home to yourself.

In order to be FULLY HERE NOW, everything must be surrendered. HERE NOW is a great spaciousness. In order to really GET IT, you have to give up. We have to give up.

Dear Being, I honor You. I honor Your Existence Now – simply because you are alive. Not because you’ve accomplished something, not because of your aspirations, not because of what you’ve experienced in the past, but because YOU ARE ALIVE.

Dare to be fully alive. Now.
~ de Vie
Dare To Be Present®

The sunrise within you... that is Consciousness, that is Awakening. Dare to Be Present®.

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