Get Your Aliveness Going

A spontaneous brief talk by de Vie on creativity in every moment:

Creativity is really working for you to get your aliveness going. It’s awesome. Being creative. I’m going to fully honor that. Creativity, including just playing with whatever materials you get to play with, IS LIFE. That’s exactly what life is. And every moment, no matter what you’re doing, even if it’s the most mundane thing you could possibly be doing, even if doesn’t feel at all like art or anything creative, there’s still somewhere a pulse of creativity, because creativity is everything you are — even when you don’t feel it. Now you get to do whatever you want with that energy. So the invitation is that even when you’re doing things like walking to a store, or doing house chores, or calling someone — these things that don’t look creative — there’s some spark there. There’s some ‘je ne sais quoi.’ There’s some little inspiration even in something that doesn’t look like art. Delve into this fundamental life force which is creativity, and see if you can play with that, and see that in any given moment of your life.

Creativity exists in every moment. Creativity is actually every aspect of who you are for we are all creations and aspects of creation. There is no part of us that is not Creation. Can you feel Your Intrinsic Creativity in every moment?

~ de Vie

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