“Inward revolution:” infinitely more valuable than my Harvard degree

“Only a profound inward revolution which alters all our values can create
a different environment, an intelligent social structure, and such a revolution can be
brought about only by you and me. No new order will arise until we individually
break down our own psychological barriers and are free.” – Krishnamurti

The “profound inward revolution” is the revolution of consciousness and presence. To be fully present in the current state of affairs is revolutionary. We as people are in fact part of the environment. We are in it, a part of it, and affecting it. The inner revolution needed is the revolution of awakening. Consciousness is freedom.

The “psychological barriers” are the illusion of separation. Every time you breathe in you are being reminded that you are not separate. You are very intimately intermingled with your environment. This awakening can be painful at times — like the analogy of Neo in The Matrix when he first comes to terms with his atrophied body and sees reality for what it is. For the reality of the environmental devastation (among other worldly atrocities) is not dissolved by some mystical everlasting bliss that absolves all worldly horrors. However, I can tell you that, in my own experience, there is nothing more precious than being awake, and it is absolutely and totally worth it. (And yes, there’s bliss too.)

I was speaking today with someone about the Dare to Be Present® service and he asked about my Harvard degree. While I’m glad I decided to attend that college, it is absolutely true that, as I told him, if I was forced to choose between the Harvard education & degree versus what I’ve learned and gained through the process of being fully awake, it would be an absolute no-brainer. The process of being fully awake and coming to terms, and peace, with the inner realm is infinitely more valuable than anything I got from “the best education in the world” at Harvard.

Because of that, because I’ve learned how incredibly valuable the process of presence is, I want to support you, wherever you are at, in being in full awakeness also. And if you are in full awakeness already, I want to help you be fully empowered in that — which, since all of life is creation, is expressed through creative participation with life as it is. This is the “inward revolution,” and the time is now.

Consciousness & Creativity,
~ de Vie
Dare to Be Present® 

the revolution of presence

words by J. Krishnamurti; commissioned art rendering by de Vie.

More of de Vie’s moment-based Available Art for your viewing pleasure at online gallery: deVieMusic.com/Available-Art 

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